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Welcome to Occidental Lodge #72. Our Lodge is one of the oldest masonic lodges in the greater Seattle area. We have been active since 1891, starting just one year after Ballard declared itself a city. Today, we are still very much committed to playing an active and supportive role of the our community.

We hope this website will be a resource for people interested in Freemasonry. We've tried to provide the facts of what a masonic lodge is, it's history, and what it offers people today. We even included a section explaining Common Masonic Symbols. Explore our site and if you are interested in learning more, contact us here. 

Free Parking - Update

The Lodge no longer has an agreement with Diamond Parking which operates the Bank of America parking lot just north of our building.  Park there if you feel like it, but pay them on your own.  The Lodge will not reimburse you if you do.  The Lodge now has an agreement with U-Park, the operator of the small 11 car lot on the north side of NW 56th St on the east side of The Boars Nest restaurant after 6 PM.  See the Lodge Treasurer for a ticket to place on your dashboard.  He receives a monthly bill and checks that the tickets are only being used during our functions.  If you misuse it, you will be asked to pay the Lodge back.





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