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Installation at Occidental Lodge #72

The Ballard BBQ Boyz from Occidental Lodge #72 put on a salmon BBQ to help raise money for local charity groups or to help in community events.

This photo from Ballard Seafood Fest. 



Occidental Lodge #72 is a Masonic Lodge that believes in fraternity and fellowship. As Masons, we strive to educate ourselves in Freemasonry, and by using its ritual degrees and history, to better ourselves as men.


We show our appreciation for these ideals by providing  a beautiful Lodge where Brothers feel they belong. We enjoy fellowship, practice Masonic ritual, and provide supportive education. And through these teachings, we strive to improve ourselves, family, and community.


One aspect of Freemasonry is that, by tradition, we do not invite men to join -- you must initiate the process. The requirements are few; you must be a male, at least 18 years of age, be of good report before the world, and profess a belief in God. If any of this interests you, please contact us here or come by for dinner before one of our stated meeting to meet us and learn more.


We meet on the third Thursday of every month except for July and August. Our dinner is at 6:30 and our meetings start at 7:30 for those nights which we call “Stated Meetings”. Paid parking is available in the back of Lodge at the Bank of America parking lot or street parking.

Community Involvement


Occidental Lodge #72 has a long history of being involved in our community. We provide support and funding for many different types of charitable endeavors. The following is a partial list of what our Lodge is presenty helping to support.


•  Ballard Boys & Girls Club

•  Ballard Seafood Fest

•  Fall Fisherman's Festival

•  Ballard Food Bank

•  17th of May Parade

•  District 4 High School Scholarship Program

•  Granite Falls Masonic Park

•  Seattle Childrens Hospital Foundation

•  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
•  Fallen Hero's Project

•  Ballard NW Seniors Center

•  Ballard High School Foundation

•  Shriner's Hospitals for Children

•  Rite Care of Washington

•  Nordic Heritage Museum

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